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DIY Spa Recipes for Your Skin

10:00 AM - September 23, 2014 by Emily Madison

It's really essential to take care of our skin nowadays as we're so exposed to high levels of air toxins in our daily activities which cause premature ageing.

Of course, we always want to look good and have a younger looking skin. But buying lots of skin care products can be costly and inefficient. Ideally, these skin care products such as facial creams, moisturizers and facial scrubs would help fight aging and reduce wrinkles. However, there are some studies proving the most common ingredients added to commercialised beauty or skin care products can damage your skin rather than rejuvenating it to look younger than your actual age.

This could be risky for your skin if you are continuously using these types of beauty products. But there is good news. I will share with you some recipes that can be done easily in your very own home and you'll be amazed with the results.

Lovely Carrot Face Mask


1 large carrot (softened and also combined in a food mill to a chunky congruity
1 large egg (whipped)
4 tablespoons of fresh honey
1/2  mug of routine cooking cream
1 large avocado (combined to a fine consistency in a food mill)


1. Combine the carrot, egg, honey, serum, and avocado in a huge non-reactive dish
2. Mix with each other using a plastic or wood spatula.
3. Fold up the ingredients over each other until they are actually well-combined.

Direction of Use:

Apply to the entire of your face.
Apply it as well on your neck and throat if you prefer.
Rinse off the mask with cool water after 20 mins.
Pat your face and neck with dry soft towel.


Do not rub your skin after rinsing it with water.

Cucumber Eye Mask


1/2 of a cucumber
1/2 cup of pure aloe vera juice or pulpy gel. 


Make a paste out of 1/2 of a cucumber and 1/2 cup of pure aloe vera juice or pulpy gel. 
Mix to a smooth consistency
Place in the refrigerator to harden and chill

Direction of Use:

Apply evenly with the fingertips, across the under-eye, and eyelids
Let the eye mask absorb into the eye area for about 30-45 minutes
Rinse the entire face with cool water afterward


Do not get any of the eye mask into the eyes; if this happens, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

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