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How to Create Homemade Spa Recipes Quick & Easy

10:00 AM - September 24, 2013 by Emily Madison

Nowadays, Spa Products have increased rapidly in the global market and are easily obtained in almost every town and city.
However more and more chemicals are being added to beauty and spa products in order to preserve their longer shelf life. 

The manufacturers of these commercialized products are adding unnatural mixtures which are not really essential or beneficial to our skin. Rather they can trigger adverse reactions to our skin. This is alarming to us as consumers as we all want products that can give us good results and are safe to use on our bodies.  

So, I would love to share with you how you can try out natural spa recipes that you can quickly and easily create at your very own home.

You can create homemade spa products that contain natural ingredients and are safe to use every day. Here are some spa recipes that you can find in your kitchen to create products for your skin that you will surely love.

Natural Lip Gloss


Fresh beet juice
2 ½ tbsps. of extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsps. of castor oil
Quarter cup of natural beeswax
Any diluted fragrant oil


1. First, place the beeswax in a pan and melt using low heat.
2. Once the beeswax has been melted, turn off the heat.
3. Add the rest of the ingredients. 
4. Mix using a spatula or any other non-reactive stirrer until a fine, equal consistency is achieved.
5. Add as much beet juice as you want to get the desirable hue.

Direction of Use:

Apply gently to your lips

Natural Lip Moisturizer


4 tbsps. of colorless beeswax
4 tbsps. of fragrant oil
½ tsp. of lime oil
1 tbsp. of fresh honey


1. Combine the colorless beeswax and four tablespoons of fragrant oil in a pan.
2. Turn up the heat so that the beeswax begins to melt
3. Stir both ingredients together until they are mixed well. 
4. Turn off the heat, and add the lime oil and fresh honey to the pan.
5. Mix all of the ingredients until a pasty consistency is achieved. 
6. Pour the contents of the pan to a clean glass container, and let the mixture cool down and set. 
7. Wait at least thirty minutes for the mixture to set completely.

Direction of Use:

Apply small amount to your lips

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