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Make At Home Spa Recipes

10:00 AM - September 19, 2014 by Emily Madison

It's very satisfying being able to make your own homemade spa beauty products. There is a growing number of people wanting to create their own spa recipes and beauty products from safe natural ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, hazelnut and others which you can simply find in your kitchen.

You may have been searching the web to find a reliable source in terms of DIY recipes and spa beauty products so that you can start creating your own homemade spa beauty products instead of purchasing them.

Based on my own research, the manufacturers of many spa products and beauty products don't have the public's safety as their number one concern.

A bunch of studies and reports reveal the ingredients are mainly perservatives added to commercial beauty products. These ingredients are not safe for the skin and can cause severe, long-term issues.

So, I decided why I should make myself be at risk if I can make my own spa recipes? Now I'm going to share with you how to have effective, natural, DIY recipes to make your own spa beauty products. Be stress free and confident without worrying about the ingredients of some comercialised beauty products that can damage your skin. Check the recipes below to get started..

Honey Skin Scrub 

Honey Skin Scrub is capable of exfoliating and hydrating the skin at the same time. If you want an all-natural scrub that doesn’t take forever to prepare, try this recipe. 


1 US cup of coarse salt or fine salt
Half a cup of fresh honey
Half a cup of extra virgin olive oil
Any fragrant base oil of your choice


Combine all of the ingredients in a glass bowl or beaker
Mix well until you have been able to work the honey and oil into the salt.
Once the honey and extra virgin olive oil has been worked into one cup of salt - the concoction is ready to be used.

Direction of Use:

Apply generous amounts of the Honey Skin Scrub to your arms, chest, and even on your face (avoid the eyes of course).
Gently scrub your skin and rinse with water.

This is very plain and simple that you can do to take care of your skin. After scrub, you should moisturize your skin so check this recipe to make a Natural Citrus Moisturizer.

Natural Citrus Moisturizer 


1/3 cup of beeswax
1/3 cup Lime juice
Any fragrant base oil of your choice


Melt one third cup of beeswax in a hot pan
Combine with your base oil of choice.
Pour in one third cup of freshly squeezed lime juice when the beeswax has been melted. 
Pour the solution into a glass container
Let it cool for half an hour 

Direction of Use:

Apply it to the desired area of your face

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